Lars Haasted MD, Oslo, Norway
“I am very pleased with my LASEmaR® 1500. I use it for several procedures in aesthetic surgery.
The laser is easy to use and practical in size. The price is favorable and I can recommend the LASEmaR® 1500 to other colleagues.”
Jose María Picó Alvarez MD, Málaga, España
“I can only say good things about LASEmaR® 1500: great cutaneous retraction in liposuctions, fast elimination of fat in difficult areas as neck and arms, little bleeding. It is also very useful for removing fillers material, especially at the facial level. In definitive it is useful, versatile, easy to use and provides results with high satisfaction of patients.”
Prof. Mei Jiacai MD, China
“LASEmaR® 1500 is easy to operate and its treatment effect is good. Patients are very satisfied.
-Prof. Jiang Jinsong MD, China
"It is easy for a beginner to learn how to operate LASEmaR® 1500 for vein ablation. We like to use LASEmaR® 1500 because it is fit for outpatient surgery. It makes the treatment convenient and effective."
Prof. Zhang Yixin MD, China
"We are very satisfied with LASEmaR® 1500 in plastic surgery, especially with its good effect in treating keloid. Patients are satisfied too."
Daniel Cassuto MD, Milano, Italy
"I love my Eufoton LASEmaR® 500, 800 and 1500, which I use every day in my practice since many years”
Zoran Zgaljardic MD, Zagreb, Croatia
"LASEmaR® 1500: effective, strong, compact, easy to use and to transport. This is my experience with LASEmaR® 1500. I suggest it to the plastic surgeons who do liposuction."
-Carlo Fornaini MD, Piacenza, Italy
"The idea of using several diode wavelengths on the soft tissues is a big opportunity for dentists. In particular, in the use of 915nm, I have found a great capacity of incision using parameters, which are biologically acceptable. It is a very performing device."
Angelo Crippa MD, Lecco, Italy
"It is 15 years that I use successfully vascular transdermal lasers of different wavelengths. Almost 10 years ago I started to experiment new optical fibers for the treatment of the lower limbs spider veins, which has totally revolutionized my medical practice in the field of chronic venous disease."
Leonardo Longo MD, Florence, Italy
"I deal with laser therapy from 1979, dealing with applications which are not recorded by the majority of the traditional users. I have a great satisfaction using several diode laser wavelengths for the following effects: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative on different tissues.”
Antonino Araco MD, Milan, Italy
“It is almost 5 years that I practice Endolift treatment for the lifting of the face and of the neck. I consider it a safe and efficient procedure, as the fiber guarantees a minimal trauma and a maximum efficiency in reaching the hypodermis for permitting its remodeling. Moreover, I highly recommend 1470 nm wavelength for the fractional skin rejuvenation”
Danilo Dodero MD, Genoa, Italy
“Ladylift laser treatment provided the following therapeutic indications that are subject to peer review scientific publications. Its effectiveness in improving the GSM symptoms in non-ablative and carbonless tissue, as evidenced by the pathologist, would also be due to the larger spot size for deeper penetration (2mm) than that of CO2 or Er-Yag Erbium Laser (150-300 micron).
The treatment is painless and better accepted by patients. It is very interesting to observe the curative effect on Urge Incontinence in 95% of cases (Preliminary data presented at IUGA Barcelona congress Oct. 19-21 2017).
The majority of the treated women (80%) perceived a better sense of elasticity and lightness of vaginal tissue, puffy and less wrinkled.”
“The rejuvenated vagina recalls dormant sexual desire “.
“I feel less burning pain and I feel a minor urgency to urinate”
“Sense of tension to the level of G-Point, with increase of lubrication and sexual desire”
Roberto Dell’Avanzato MD, Bergamo, Italy
“I am pleased to have used Eufoton laser for the first time in 2005 and to have established through the years a deep friendship with Dr. Francesco Marangoni and all his staff, sharing each year great experiences and satisfactions all over the world.
From 2009, when the new LASEmaR® 1500 and optical fibers was put into the market, I have developed and improved the Endolift protocol, simplifying it and make it always feasible without anaesthesia, on the face and on the body. It is motive of pride to share with you this experience with all the colleagues who address to me to learn the tricks and the secrets.”
Francesco Zini MD, Parma, Italia
“I use with enthusiasm Eufoton vascular works from 2003. For me the endovascular laser has become a consolidated practice in the treatment of venous insufficiency. Moreover, I practice regularly the use of the transdermal and endoperivenous laser in the aesthetic treatment of teleangectasias and reticular veins.”
Antonina Agolzer MD, Udine, Italy
“It is 11 years that I use Eufoton lasers. The company has developed through the years and presents a great binomial of creativity and technology. LASEmaR® 500 is the last high tech creation, complete, versatile and fast.”
Renata Migliardi MD, Turin, Italy
“Endolift permitted me to reach important results in the lower eyelids treatment in those situations where it is difficult to perform surgical treatments and presents high risk of complications. In particular I refer to those situations known as festoons, malate edema and malaria bags in which there are both edematous component than a cutaneous excess; in these cases the surgery is not able to always solve the problem and presents a risk of significant eyelid retraction. The results with Endolift are good and patients are satisfied. We did not have any complicance apart from an appearance of a variable edema solved in all cases within 15 days after the treatment. 2 or 3 treatments are necessary in order to reach the desired results; it is used a fiber of 200 micron and in the majority of cases there is no need of anaesthesy.”
Alberto Caggiati MD, Rome, Italia
“LASEmaR®: a reliable and versatile device, simple to use in every occasion.”




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