Eufoton® mission is to form Our Physicians and help them to reach important professional goals in the shortest possible time.

This is the reason why we constantly offer theoretical-practical courses, both for the neophyte, who is just approaching our technologies, and for those who want to have a confrontation and keep updated with the latest Eufoton® treatments and laser systems.

ELEA Eufoton Laser Expert Academy is the main training event of our company, where we provide years of experience and research from our major opinion leaders and much more. This way we allow Our Physicians to become the true experts in the field. 



Due to the COVID-19 situation we were unable to organize the residential edition of  EUFOTON LASER EXPERT ACADEMY 2020.

Therefore we decided to create a virtual version of the event, like so many of the major congresses in the world.

Despite the difficult situation we are all experiencing right now, EUFOTON® seized the opportunity and created a platform to unite doctors from all over the world, a place to share ideas and experiences.

This opportunity allows us to offer you many more scientific reports, to deal specifically with issues that otherwise, with regret, would have been neglected and to ensure that many more medical professionals can access these training and sharing experiences, regardless of any distance. 
The platform that will host the 2020 edition of ELEA has been online from November 18 until January 6 and we can only thank all medical speakers who have accepted this new challenge and contributed to its realization for their precious collaboration.


If you have missed ELEA 2020 and you are interested in watching some videos, do not hesitate to contact us !!!



Trailer ELEA - Eufoton Laser Expert Academy 2019

October, 18 - 19  2019 @Agorà, Milano