Laser hair removal

Laser Hair removal upper lip | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Center Aura
Laser hair removal armpit | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Center Aura
LAser Hair removal Chin | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Center Aura
Epilazione laser inguine - Gentile concessione di V. Bossi Center Aura
Laser Hair Removal back thigh | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Centar Aura
Laser hai removal - bikini area | COurtesy of V. Bossi Centar Aura
Laser Hair removal - bikini area | Courtesy of V. Bossi Centar Aura

When is the laser used on hair?

It is used for a safe, painless, gradual and permanent reduction of unwanted hair on cheeks, chin, upper lip, legs and arms, and almost any other area of the body. By using the Eufoton® 808 nm diode laser, individuals have longer lasting results than with those from conventional hair removal methods. Due to the photoselective damage to the skin caused by the 808 nm laser, it has a gradual and permanent reduction in growth. In some cases, hair may grow back in the areas that have already been treated, but lighter, weaker or thinner.

When do you do a procedure?

  • With the presence of long and thick hair: hypertrichosis (causes: congenital, racial, abnormal growth, pharmacological).
  • On women in typically male locations: irsutism or hyperandrogenism (causes: congenital, abnormal growth, suprarenal ovarian, pharmacological).
The hair can be found in different phases of growth: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Only hairs in the Anagen phase can be successfully damaged. Each session should remove 10-30% of unwanted hair.

Is it really an effective treatment?

Because of its melanin absorption and its good penetration into the derma, the 808 nm laser is particularly effective for the gradually permanent removal of dark hair (for fair or blonde hair, read below).

Can it treat fair hair?

PDT Hair Removal can perform photosensitive action due to artificial colorants. This substance is atoxic and selectively absorbs the emitted laser light, causing damage to the follicular cells and creating a gradual and permanent destruction of hairs of all colours, including white, on all skin types.

What side effects can it have?

Pregnant women cannot undergo treatment. Suntanned patients or those with dark skin can be safely treated. Photodynamic hair removal has no side effects in particular.
There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the 808 nm hair removal laser causes cancer in any way. During treatment, patients are required to wear protective glasses. After 30 minutes of treatment, the treated area may have slight erythema that can last for one or two days. Given the safe use of the Eufoton® laser on the skin, no specific treatment is necessary after the procedure.

Procedure suggestions

  • Clean the skin.
  • Protect the hyperchromic lesions (spots and moles).
  • Apply a hydrating cream.
  • Avoid sun exposure until the complete disappearance of perifollicular irritation.
  • Do not remove the remaining or burnt hair to avoid bleeding.
The number of treatments needed to achieve a good result is personal and varies from case to case. The interval between the different sessions must be around 3 weeks. Ask your doctor for more information.

What are the advantages of hair removal with 808 nm laser?

  • Safe;
  • Painless;
  • Next generation technology;
  • No side effects;
  • Suitable for all hair and skin types.
Therefore, what are the factors that stimulate a good outcome with the 808 nm hair removal laser?
  • Hair growth phase;
  • Hair colour;
  • Depth of follicles;
  • Area of the body.


How long does the procedure last and how many sessions are needed?

Treatments are performed one month apart and a single session can last between 10 to 30 minutes. There is no exact number of recommended sessions; it depends on how each patient reacts to treatment.

How do you prepare for treatment?

Avoid exposure to sunlight and/or UVA lamps in the weeks preceding treatment and do not take medication that increases the skin’s sensitivity to light.

What do you do after treatment?

It is important to completely protect yourself from sunlight with sun cream to avoid hyperpigmentation from forming.

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