Laser remedies for cellulite

What is cellulite?

Cellulite or edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (PEFS) is an aesthetic pathology that presents different causes, aspects and phases. The pathology results from an alteration in the derma and subcutaneous tissue and forms in case of venous circulation stasis.

What are the causes?

The presence of cellulite depends on several factors that in many cases coexist:
  • Accumulation of excess weight on the lower part of the body;
  • Familiarity;
  • Venous insufficiency;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Inactivity;
  • Losing weight too quickly;
  • Incorrect diet;
  • Water retention.
  • Incorrect posture;
  • Stress;
  • Smoking;


What are the phases of cellulite?

  • Phase 1: Edematous
    The edematous phase is characterised by the presence of swelling in the lower limbs due to water retention and fat and water accumulation in the cells. This stage of the pathology is not recognised visually, but starts to appear with a sense of heaviness in the limbs.
  • Phase 2: Fibrous
    Due to bad circulation, fat cells remain imprisoned in the surrounding tissue and the reactive fibrous process starts with the formation of thin nodules that, if unopposed, can evolve to the next stage, in which it is easy to form macronodules. In this phase, the skin assumes a dull colour and reddens if compressed; if it squeezed between the fingers, the effect is defined as “orange peel”.
  • Phases 3 and 4: Sclerotic
    Phase characterised by a major slowdown in blood and lymphatic flow, the nodules are larger in comparison to the previous stage and pain occurs on touch. Fibrous is transformed into sclerotic. Dilated capillaries increase as well as haematomas, the skin appears cold, not firm or smooth and is painful.


What are the possible therapies with diode laser?

Therapies with diode laser can be divided into non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments.
Non-invasive treatments are possible thanks to a “cold” therapeutic diode laser that succeeds in penetrating up to the subcutaneous adipose layer by irradiating the skin surface and, by making the adiposity membranes porous, allows them to drain without destroying them. The treatment is completely painless and does not have any side effects. This system does not damage the epidermal, vascular and nervous structures. The fat, which has become a liquid, is removed naturally.

How many treatments are needed?

8-10 treatments on alternate days.

How long will the results last for?

The treatment must be combined with a balanced diet and physical activity, as well as lymphatic drainage massages and supplement intake, such as gingko biloba, which help to maintain the results until the end of treatment.

Minimally invasive treatments

Endolift® works on skin irregularity (orange peel) and on small adipose accumulations through the subcutaneous action of the optical fiber, enabling the rupture of fat cells. The liquefied fat is removed naturally.
The laser lipolysis is a treatment that is performed under local anaesthesia, due to microcannulas combined with laser optical fibers that dissolve adipose tissue, ultimately aspirated. At the same time, the selective thermal effect emitted by the laser helps produce new collagen, which gives tonicity and firmness to the treated skin

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