Rejuvenation: cutaneous and fractional

Fractional resurfacing | Courtesy of F. Tantussi MD

What is Skin Aging and how does it appear?

Skin aging is represented by the loss of brightness and elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles due to:
  • The gradual degeneration of the collagen-elastin structure;
  • The thinning of the extracellular matrix and vascular network.

What are the causes of skin aging?

The causes of skin aging are:
  • Chronoaging due to the passing of time
  • Photoaging from the sunlight
  • Unhealthy lifestyle (the wrong type of food, little physical activity, taking medication, smoking and drinking alcohol).

How do you slow down Skin Aging?

Current therapeutic treatments allow you to take action depending on the stage and type of targeted aging, combining monochromatic laser lights, polychromatic pulsed lights, radiofrequency, systemic-topical antioxidants and infiltrating nucleotides, enhancing cellular regeneration.

What treatments does Eufoton® offer?

With Eufoton® diode lasers, the signs of aging can be treated with four different procedures:
  • Photobiomodulation to treat the initial signs of aging;
  • Non-ablative fractional photothermolysis to treat all signs of non-invasive aging.
  • Photorestructuring (Skin Remodelling) to treat wrinkles and semi-advanced stretch marks;
  • Citolift: laser photobiomodulation combined with kits with regenerating molecules for aging in initial or medium stages;


Fractional non-ablative laser treatment - Courtesy of  Nova Clinic 


Fractional non-ablative laser treatment - Courtesy of  Nova Clinic 


LASEmaR® 800 – Photobiostimulation with hyaluronic acid - Simone Ugo Urso MD


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