Stretch marks laser treatment

Photobiomodulation of white stretch marks - Courtesy of O. Marangoni, MD
Stretch marks - Courtesy of A. Agolzer, MD

Laser treatment for stretch marks can be performed with different methods, depending on the type of skin blemish.

Red stretch marks

For red stretch marks  - striae rubrae - the most ideal Eufoton® laser solution is the green laser treatment through the fractional handpiece, Lightscan™ 500 - 532 nm. The laser’s action is photoselective on the red vascular component of the stretch marks. Two or three sessions are needed a month apart.

White stretch marks

For white stretch marks - striae distansae - non-ablative fractional photothermolysis is suggested (see the chapter in the section dedicated to skin rejuvenation). The action of the 1470 nm fractional laser creates thermal microcolumns - M.T.Z. -at a dermal level, involving the narrowing of the atrophic canal and therefore the overall improvement of blemishes. The number of sessions is subject to the level of importance of the blemish but ranges from a minimum of two years to a maximum of five sessions.
For white blemishes of a large diameter, a significant clinical improvement is observed, associated with the combined Endolift body interstitial treatment (hips, thighs, etc.) or laser assisted body contouring (or laser lipolysis).

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