Laser operation in Dental surgery

What are the advantages of using a dental laser?

Faster, bloodless procedures and, most importantly, a substantial bactericidal effect due to the features of the laser beam.
In many cases, stitches are not needed as a precise cut is made with a 200 or 300 micron fiber.

Is the laser suitable for any oral surgery?

Yes, diode lasers in particular can be used to treat all soft tissue with high haemoglobin (therefore bloodless procedures) and water (therefore high cutting capacity at low power) absorption.

6. How much does it cost to use the laser in Dentistry?

Costs incurred from using the laser may be little more than those of conventional alternatives as very few consumables are normally used and the time required by the operator is similar to or less than any other method, with the added advantage of better precision and bacterial decontamination.

 Frenulectomy LASEmaR® 900 


Papillectomy LASEmaR® 900


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