Laser operation in Endodontics

Is the procedure painful?

No, the laser is used after the pulp is removed as normal from the anaesthetised tooth.

What is the laser’s function in Endodontics?

The laser light produces a lot of heat that kills any bacteria still present in the dental canal, as its corpuscular nature spreads it throughout the canal as well as the shunts (very small canals perpendicular to the size of the tooth).

What are the advantages of using the laser in an endodontic treatment?

It is a far more effective method of decontamination as it kills a much higher percentage of bacteria present in both the canal and the shunts, drastically reducing the possibility of abscesses or infections. It is also used for dissolving gutta-percha (a material which the canal is normally sealed with), which has no air bubbles and is possibly a receptacle for bacterial colonies.

How long does the laser procedure last?

Using the laser involves 3 transitions that last a few seconds and are interspersed with cleaning with a liquid decontaminant, therefore use of the dental laser is reduced to close to a minute.


Endodontics laser 


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