Laser teeth bleaching

Is the procedure painful?

No, at most you can feel a slight heat.

Why use the laser for tooth bleaching?

Combined with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel, the laser light deeply penetrates the dentin prisms where the substance causing the discolouration and the cleanser accumulate, thus exposing the natural white of the tooth. Compared to other methods that use carbamide peroxide or a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, it has the advantage of deeper penetration and leaves the structure of the enamal unaltered.

Do I need to have home treatment after the clinic procedure?

It is preferable to integrate the clinic procedure with home treatment in the 15 days following, in order to effectively continue the bleaching action.

What must I do or not do in the days following the procedure?

Food and drink colorants must be completely avoided, such as wine, coffee, liquorice and smoking for example; in this instance, brush your teeth immediately after consumption as the prisms can once again hold colorants that neutralise a large majority of the bleaching

How long does the procedure last?

It depends on whether just a few teeth or all of the arches need to be treated. On average, a procedure on two arches is completed within 30 minutes

How long do the results last?

Maintaining the results depends greatly on how much you expose your teeth to colorants. If you follow the dentist’s recommendations, the results may even last a year and then you can safely repeat it

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