Laser treatment of pigmented lesions

Lentigo - Courtesy of L. Scrimali MD
Poikiloderma of civatte - Courtesy of A. Agolzer, MD
Senile keratosis - Courtesy of L. Scrimali, MD

Skin spots or hyperpigmentation

The spots can be recognised by their colour, which is usually darker than the skin. These include: café au lait spots, freckles, simple freckles, liver spots or sun-induced freckles etc.
Many people decide to undergo laser treatment to remove the spots, as they consider them a defect. The pain from treatment is normally manageable, but if the lesion is located in a particularly sensitive area, the treatment is performed under local anaesthesia or an anaesthetic cream is applied. The number of sessions varies, depending on the amount of spots to be removed and their sizes. Each session takes place a month after the previous one. Both for this treatment and many others, it is necessary to protect oneself from UVA rays.

Moles, warts, papillomas

Moles are skin lesions characterised by an irregularity in the development of skin. These lesions:
  • Can appear on any part of the body;
  • Are of varying shapes, colours and sizes;
  • Tend to change shape, colour and size over time, in the case of melanomas.
Warts are skin formations with a distinctive appearance, determined by the presence of human papilloma virus (HPV): after being inserted into the epidermis, the virus infects it causing rapid cutaneous replication. It is a virus that can live in damp environments, generally crowded, and is spread by contact.
Condyloma is a wart found on genitalia and in perianal areas. In this case, if it is not properly treated, the condyloma can evolve into cervical or rectal cancer. Nevertheless, these skin lesions can be treated with good results. Anaesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated before the procedure. By passing over the moles, warts and papillomas, the laser removes them without leaving visible scars. According to the size and number of lesions, the procedure might be performed in two or more sessions.

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