Laser treatment of vascular lesions

Angioma - Courtesy of L. Scrimali MD
Angioma treatment - Courtesy of A. Agolzer MD
Port wine stains - Courtesy of L. Scrimali MD
Spider vein - Courtesy of L. Scrimali, MD


Angiomas are benign skin imperfections, of intense red color, that are caused by the dilation of blood vessels, which can also increase in size over the course of time. There are different types of angiomas: flat, spider or cherry. The angioma can be treated over a maximum of two sessions without any pain, anaesthesia and side effects.

Couperose and rosacea

Venous blemishes that appear more or less a deep red and of various sizes, caused by capillary dilation. Rosacea is the inflammation of the skin, which only occurs in the middle area of the face. Causes of rosacea include: solar radiation, changes in temperature, capillary fragility and emotional or hormonal factors.
Laser treatment affects the capillaries with the light beam, bringing them to high temperatures in order to coagulate and remove them. The pain is manageable; if the area to be treated is extensive, more sessions a month apart will be needed.

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