The main indications for gynecological surgery are:


  • LAPAROSCOPY: salpingectomy, myomectomy, endometriosis, ovarian and peri-tubal adhesions
  • HYSTEROSCOPY: endometrial ablation, division of the septum, lysis of intrauterine adhesions, coagulation and excision of fibromas.
  • GYNAECOLOGICAL SKIN LESIONS: condylomas, cysts, herpes simplex, ablative labiaplasty, etc.


LADYLIFT® treatment

Ladylift® treatment is a valid and efficient non invasive procedure which is used to solve problems related to the loss of elasticity of vaginal tissues (a frequent reason for decreased female sensitivity) caused by different factors such as inherited characteristics, delivery, traumas and the aging of tissues.

Nowadays women get children at a more advanced age, that is when tissues have lost, more or less clearly, their elasticity and for this reason even the vagina has more difficulties in getting back its ante-partum elasticity and dimensions; after delivery a patient may also suffer more or less seriously from urinary incontinence, a situation which can make a woman feel very unease. By undergoing the Ladylift® treatment the patient can solve her functional problems and the treatment will furthermore improve her sexual life as well as her partner's one. 

Ladylift® is a procedure which has been studied and developed to improve the functional aspect of internal vaginal structures by providing them with younger features. This kind of surgery improves the vagina muscular tone, strength and control and it reduces its internal and external diameter. It is a completely outpatient procedure that is performed without anaesthesia. It is a non-invasive, effective and painless treatment.





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