Laser treatments of ulcers

What are ulcers?

Ulcers are wounds that do not tend to heal. They may be caused by many reasons, for example: traumas, diabetes, arterial insufficiency and venous insufficiency.

How are they treated?

With medication and dressings, and by laser.

How long does treatment last?

About 30 minutes, including the time needed for the subsequent medication

Is it painful?

Absolutely not, because the laser is used through a scanning device which enables the rapid movement of the laser beam, rendering the treatment painless

Why treat them with the laser?

  • accelerates recovery
  • execution simplicity
  • anaesthesia not needed
  • minimally invasive
  • immediate mobility
  • no bleeding and scars
  • preserved social and occupational functioning
  • non-existant or no post-treatment pain
  • reduced complications
  • results stability

Courtesy of M. Fonti MD


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