Transdermal laser treatments for face

What are the causes for the appearance of telangiectasia on the face?

Telangiectasia on the face (capillaries or veins) can arise for many reasons (hereditary, predispositions, temperature changes (hot/cold) etcetera.)
They can be different colours: red, purple or blue.
Depending on their colour, diode lasers with different wavelengths can be chosen.
Their presence is normally accompanied by photo-chronoaging of the skin of the face.

What does the laser treatment involve?

The laser treatment for vascular blemishes on the face leads to, for the most part, cases with excellent results. The vascular application of the diode laser on the face is always transdermal (external) and can be combined with cryogenic anaesthesia (cold) to alleviate patient discomfort. All types of capillaries on the face can be treated with excellent results; erythrosis (very fine capillaries) and rosacea (prevalent redness) that can appear on the cheeks may be an indication for use of the fractional scanner. Each small vessel only needs one treatment to coagulate and the doctor will be able to recommend the number of sessions needed to resolve the single case.
Thicker spider veins on the face (typical are those of the nostrils) can require retouching after a month while all others respond well in one session.

Nose Teleagectasias with LASEmaR® 500

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