Laser remedies for hyperhidrosis

Laser assisted hyperidrosis – Courtesy of R. Dell’Avanzato, MD

What is hyperhidrosis?

There are always more people who, due to thermal, emotional or unknown stimuli, have excessive, marked sweating, which is a pathology called hyperhidrosis.

What is the laser treatment for hyperhidrosis?

The treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis destroys the sweat glands through a 400 micron optical fiber that emits 1470 nm laser pulses. Compared to treatment with botulinum toxin, LASEmaR® solves the problem for good.

How is the treatment performed?

In some cases before treatment, the "Minor Test” is performed, which highlights the areas affected by sweating and the relative amounts. Treatment is performed under local anaesthesia and lasts about 15-20 minutes per armpit. A 1 mm metal cannula, containing the 400 micron optical fiber is passed through a small incision. The fiber emits a laser beam that destroys the sweat glands.

Can you have side effects?

Ecchymosis and swelling may occur in the treated areas in the days following treatment.

Are the results permanent?

The effect of the treatment is permanent, but the complete disappearance of sweating cannot be guaranteed because the destruction of all the glands cannot be checked during surgery. However, the “Minor Test” can be repeated seven days after the procedure, which will identify the remaining areas to be treated and considerably reduce the problem.
Laser assisted hyperidrosis

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