Treatment of Scars

Keloid scar removal - Courtesy of S. Otuoke, MD
Thymectomy scar | Courtesy of Daniel Cassuto MD

What is the treatment for recent red scars?

The therapy of choice for recent red scars with strong vascularisation is the 532 nm green fractional laser (see LASEmaR® 500).

How are keloids and hypertrophic scars treated?

As for the laser treatment of keloids and hypertrophic scars, the inhibitory effect of high-energy near infrared diode laser therapy (see LASEmaR® 800) on vascular and endothelial growth factors of keloid lesions and hypertrophic scars is documented by the Arnld-Schultz law.

What are the results obtained with Eufoton® laser?

Eufoton®'s experience confirms the expectations of synergistic use of hormetic high power diode laser therapy in the N.IR region even in plastic surgery.
The therapeutic use of the Multi-Therapy handpiece resolved 70% of recent keloid cases after six to seven sessions, with excellent results in terms of reduction in the symptoms, the absence of itching and healing of the lesions. The psychological outcome was equally satisfactory in these patients. The remaining 30% of the patients with keloids saw an overall significant improvement both physically and psychologically: the recurrent keloids were very small in size, caused no itching and aesthetically did not have a disfiguring appearance.

What are the advantages of this type of treatment?

The surgical advantage is the vasoconstriction of the tissues undergoing therapy. With regard to small scars resulting from surgery, minor accidents, and so on, non-ablative fractional laser therapy (1470 nm or 1940 nm - see  LASEmaR® 1500 and Spectrum®) is a well-established practice in dermatological plastic surgery

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