Diode lasers are being increasingly applied to different surgical specialities, as they offers some undoubted benefits to the patients, the doctors and the hospitals.
Depending on the tissue that has to be treated the laser can mathematically select the target area allowing mini-invasive operations, with reduced hospitalization time, pain, minimized risks and increased safety. 
In some treatments there is not even physical contact between the body and the machine, as an invisible beam of light is delivered in a sterile and precise way to cut or vaporise where necessary. 
Due to the characteristic of the lasers the specific eye protections are compulsory for those attending the treatment.

The Eufoton® LASEmaR® and Spectrum® series diode lasers can be used for different surgical applications: general surgery, PLDD, ENT, proctology, urology, neurosurgery, oncological surgery, pneumology, gastroenterology, roncopathy.


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