Laser interventions in Roncopathy

What is Rhonchopathy? 

The main symptom of chronic rhonchopathy or chronic snoring is discontinuous snoring, sometimes very loud thus causing disturbed breathing or disturbed sleep. According to estimates, this disorder affects 44% of the world population (55% men, 45% women).


What is its etiology?

Etiology characteristics include: 

  • Obstruction of the upper airways
  • Nasal septal deviation
  • Turbinate hypertrophy
  • Reduction of the airflow in the rear part of the oral cavity
  • Ptosis of the soft palate
  • Hypertrophy on the rear part of the base of the tongue

The non-ablative laser assisted roncopathy intervention is done using a specific handpiece that channels the laser beam towards the upper soft palate causing a retraction (consequently an increases air flow) and better muscle tension. The procedure is carried out without ablation, therefore it is well-tolerated by the patient and has an immediate and satisfactory effect in 82% of the cases*. 

* Study by Dr Schenardi - Genoa


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