Surgical laser operations and therapy treatments

Diode lasers are widely used in the veterinary field for therapeutic, surgical and ophthalmic applications on small, exotic and income-producing animals.

An extremely wide range of diseases can therefore be treated, and EUFOTON offers various devices, handpieces and software which can meet the specialist’s various needs.


EUFOTON can fully meet the veterinarian’s technical and performance requirements, such as:

  • Easy to transport and ergonomically designed;
  • Easy to use thanks to a simple and intuitive software;
  • Quality and reliability guaranteed by EUFOTON’s proven experience in treating human patients;
  • Validated protocols for surgical and therapeutic applications;

Thanks to their high power, EUFOTON lasers can be used for surgical and therapeutic purposes on both very small and very large tissues.

Software and special handpieces are available to treat individual pathologies of animals with specific features.

EUFOTON and its veterinary staff has researched the best protocols to be used on pets (dogs, cats, rodents, ferrets, birds) since their well-being and quality of life are just as important as that of human patients.

The guiding principle that inspired EUFOTON to design devices dedicated to animals is that pain must never be a long-lasting consequence of any pathology and it must be completely and quickly eliminated.


As far as commercial animals are concerned (livestock, farms and sporting animals), their well-being and quality of life are just as important as pets.

Restoring the health of commercial animals also means getting them back to high levels of economic productivity and sporting performance and allowing them to spend a better life together with their owner.


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