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CHORUS - Intelligent fiber retraction device

The treatment

Eufoton® offerts a mini invasive procedure for endovascular ablation that has replaced the conventional vein stripping or can be combined to traditional venous surgery.

The treatment is possible thanks to the combination of the lasers of the LASEmaR® series (wavelengths of 980, 1470 or 1940nm) or of the multiwavelenght platform Spectrum® (single or double Dual Boost® emission) and radial high focus optical fibers (HF RING), which combine the highly effectiveness on the target chromophore with a homogenous and extremely precise laser emission. 

Safety, reproducibility and adaptability of the treatment

An important parameter for the treatment is the LEED – Linear Endovenous Energy Density, which is controlled on the screen of the laser and it is acoustically signaled to the operator. The correct setting of the LEED according to the features of the single vessel allows the distribution of the endovenous laser energy in a uniform way, avoiding heat damages and burns.


The advantages of the Eufoton® CHORUS

The robotic intelligent system CHORUS allows to automate the fiber retraction and calibrate the energy LEED according to the diameter of the vessel, guaranteeing complete and precise homogeneity for the whole length of the vessel.  

CHORUS works in symbiosis with the software “Cruise Control” of LASEmaR® systems allowing the physician to set one only parameter and perform the procedure easily, concentrating on the operation and less on parameters. 
CHORUS is ultra portable and provided with a small and light remote control that allows the physician to adapt the emission to the different characteristics of the vessel, increasing or decreasing the energy quantity. 
CHORUS is compatible with HF Ring Eufoton® Fibers of 400 and 600 microns, which allow to treat not only the GSV but also the SSV and other extrasaphenous districts.
It can be used with different lasers and optical fibers and it is therefor extremely flexible for the physician who works with different laser machines. 

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Lumio is the ideal device for general skin exams where an in-depth, glare-free image of the skin is essential.
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