The world’s smallest fractional laser that incorporates the propetary fractional Lightscan technology.
Main applications

Rejuventaion | Pigmentation | Acne | Stretchmarks | Endolift | Facial contouring | Surgery

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    The aim of Aton is to create on the skin hundreds of micro columns of coagulation, eliciting a rapid healing response and stimulating the regeneration of collagen and elastine. The device uses DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control Technology).
    • for gentile treatments and visible results
    • cost effective (without disposable material)
    • perfect combination with fillers, botulim toxin, PRP
    • no downtime
    • non invasive
    • treatment time < 30 minutes
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    With this mini-invasive technique it is possible to create a subcutaneous grid that simulates tissues and create lines of fiber retraction that fosters tissues restructuring and connective tissue endophotobiomodulation. The Endolift effects are: fat removal from neck, chin, underclip regression, redefining the oval, skin tone and shininess.


    Skin tone up and treatment of face, neck, chest and hands wrinkles.


    In addition to wrinkles, ATON can treat with excellent results pigmented lesions from sun exposure, age spots, melasma.


    Aton can treat both active acne and acne scars, with the combined treatment with the fractional handpiece (that damages the sebaceous cells and reduces pores’ dimensions) and optical fiber (to open the commedones and decrease the bacterial charge and hirritation).

    Stretch marks

    Several scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of the fractional non ablative therapy for the treatment of the stretch marks.

    Facial contouring

    Non invasive treatment that allows the highly selective wavelength of Aton to target selectively the desired areas of fat, delivering noticeable lasting results after just one treatment.
    Indications: prevention of skin laxity skin tightening, lower face and neck contouring, feathering/smoothening of lines.

    Mini invasive surgery

    With the optical fibers and the surgical handpiece, Aton allows a minimally invasive surgery

  • format_list_bulleted Specifications





    Fluence spot range

    Diodo GaAs di potenza

    Aiming beam


    Optical fiber

    100 – 1000 mn


    Larghezza: 25 cm, Altezza: 15 cm, Profondità: 22 cm


    Approx. 3,5 kg

    Power consumption

    Approx. 70 VA

    Numerical aperture

    Cooling system

    Display type

    Electrical features
    In compliance with


    Air - Peltier cells

    Touch screen

    Current 50-60 HZ; 125-230 VAC

    CE 0476

    ISO 9001

    ISO 13485


    CEI EN 60601-1
    CEI EN 60601-2-22

    CEI EN 60601-1-4

    CEI EN 60825-1

    CEI EN 60601-1-2


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    ATON – Device Presentation

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    The communication in our company is a fundamental element which permits us to transmit the information both to doctors, who are our direct clients, and to patients, who decide do to a laser treatment. The satisfaction of the patients is the satisfaction of the experts and therefore our as well!
    In close collaboration with our medical staff, we have realized depliants for laser treatments for patients, and marketing tools for the medical practice for promoting his activity.
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