The most compact laser available in single or combined wavelenght
Main applications


LASEmaR®mini is the brand new laser available in the 980 nm or the 1470 nm single wavelenght or dual wavelenght, combining 980 nm + 1470 nm. The device is lighter than the classic LASEmaR® line, for an absolute portability.
The Cruise Control makes it user friendly and the Dual Emission gives it the multifunctionality every medical office needs.  The USB port for remote diagnosis and the solid state technology will never let you down.
Discover the possible applications that this unique device offers

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    • Multifunctionality: Multi-wavelength laser platform: single and dual emission.
    • Absolute portability: Thanks to the new ultra-light weight case design, available in different colours.
    • Software Interface M.E.I. (Minimal Easy Intuitive) Depending on the treatment, all useful information is highlighted to help doctors reading the data clearly: Preset adjustable protocols, according to characteristic and ethnic group of the patient.
    • New intuitive display: 5” brighter and more accurate Touch Screen for best visualization.
    • Cruise control: Commands to adjust easily and quickly the parameters according to the clinical case; improved audio feedbacks helps the doctor to be visually more focused on the treatment.
    • Quicker technical support: Plug and Play modular components for easy and sage replacement of the internal sections; USB port for accurate remote diagnostics.
    • Maximum efficiency / Minimum Maintenance: New generation solid state technology.
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    Thanks to the highest water absorption LASEmaR®mini permits a better endovenous occlusion applying lower energetic levels LEED (Linear Endovenous Energy Density).

    Photobiomodulation of venous ulcers | Reflux of the great and small saphenous vein | Peri-ulcerative varices | Fractional debridement of venous ulcers | Collateral and reticular veins | Photobiomodulation of venous ulcers | Teleangectasias



    HEMORROIDECTOMY : Hemofiber is a specially designed probes that shoots frontally and radially for hemorrhoids of grade 3 and 4 with retractable or fixed prolapse, achieving obliteration and shrinkage with limited complications, preserving the surrounding tissues.

    ANAL FISTULAS HF: Ring fibers allows the closure of the fIstula preserving the sphincter, without the need for medication and with a rapid return to daily routine.

    Laser Coagulation of PILONIDAL SINUS: With LCP complete healing is faster, there is little pain and no interruption to normal daily activities. It can be easily performed in an outpatient surgery environment.


    The protocol LADYLIFT® is a safe treatment with no side effects  for: vaginal rejuvenation*, urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy,vaginal relaxation, diseases associated to postpartum alteration, HPV, cysts, dryness, itch.



    PLDD is a procedure approved by FDA which reduces the pressure within a herniated disc (lumbar and cervical disc), relieving symptoms by decompressing the spinal nerve. 


    LASEmaR®mini in otorhinolaryngoiatric field assures an excellent vaporization and a cut/clot of very high precision.


    LASEmaR®mini selectively coagulates tissues at microscopic level reducing post-op inflammation and regular pain. When operating in pulsed emission mode, it vaporizes superfcial lesions without any anaesthesia or stitching.


    The beneficial effects of infrared laser with high emission power are: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerative of connective tissue, biostimulant of lymphstream and of the phagocytosis.



    LASEmaR®mini generates a combined effect by laser light and high temperature that eliminates fungi from nails.

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    LASEmaR® MINI 980: 980nm
    LASEmaR® MINI 1500: 1470nm
    LASEmaR® MINI DUAL 980-1470: 980nm – 1470nm independently controllable

    Preselected programs

    Advanced software with experienced protocols to be manually customized

    Pulse duration (Ton-Toff)

    Number of pulses per sequence (single and pulsed mode)

    Adjustable from 1 to 9990 msec - steps 1 ms

    From 1 to 99 - step one


    Interval between pulse sequence (pulsed mode)

    Adjustable 1 ms ¸ 10 sec

    Operation mode

    Single-mode – pulsed mode – continuous mode

    Cooling system

    Air cooling system combined with Peliter’s cells

    Aiming beam

    Red 635 nm - 5 w

    Electrical power

    Absorbed power

    In compliance with





    Weight and dimensions


    110 – 240 V 50/60 Hz

    130 weak (adapted to domestic electric standard)

    CE 0476


    IEC 60601-1
    IEC 60601-2-22

    IEC 60825-1

    IEC 60601-1-2

    3 kg – 24 x 22,5 x 11,5 cm

    Made in Italy

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    Eufoton® believes communication is a fundamental element that allows to transmit information both to the physicians/clinics, who represent our direct customers, and to the patients, who undergo the various laser treatments. Patient satisfaction is the satisfaction of the experts and therefore our as well!
    In close collaboration with our medical staff, we have created leaflets for each laser application, intended for patients, and marketing materials for the medical clincs to promote specialist laser activity.

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