Spectrum® Dual Boost®

Spectrum® Dual Boost® vascular | 532 nm + 940 nm*
Main applications

Vascular lesions | Telangectasia | Transdermal treatments

The sequential emission with Spectrum® provides the common action of the visible wavelength associated with the infrared wavelength.

The first part of the visible pulse rises the temperature in the vessel, converting oxy-hemoglobin into methemoglobin increasing the absorption of the second part of the
pulse by 500%.

The visible wavelength allows to obtain a complete coagulation and therefore occlusion inside the vessel, leaving unharmed the tissue around (cutaneous annexes).

When the infrared light hits the target vessel, it enables the use of inferior fluences with subsequent higher safety for the patient, reducing considerably the risk
of complications such as redness, pigmentations or burn. Less side effects means that the patient can go back to everyday activities immediately.

Thanks to the higher selectivity, the results obtained are better that those brought with the use of a single wavelength.

With the technology Dual Boost, Spectrum® brings maximum results in the removal of vascular blemishes  in less time than single wavelength systems.


With the new technology physicians can provide to their patients better comfort, safety and satisfaction.

  • content_paste Details
    • Portability
    • Modularity
    • Integrated skin chiller system
    • Possibility to connect the Head Control Unit (HCU) to the Cart Laser Expansion cart (CLE)
    • User friendly software
    • Remotely updatable software
    • Dual Boost® technology - simultaneous emission of two wavelengths
    • Several interchangeable handpieces
    • Maximum efficiency
    • Considerable reduction of investments
    • Minimum maintenance
  • flare Applications


    Transdermal treatments for face, transdermal treatments for lower limbs and endovascular treatments for small veins.

  • format_list_bulleted Specifications

    Laser Combination


    combined source 532nm + 940nm

    Laser combination


    532nm (808nm - 980nm - 1470nm)

    808nm - 1470nm

    940nm - 1470nm

    980nm - 1470nm


    High Power Laser Diode


    5W (532nm) + 25W(940nm)

    User interaction

    Display touch screen

    Pre- set automatic   programmes 

    Advanced Software with tested pre-setautomatic programmes editable thourgh the operator panel
    Delivery of the laser beam     Optical fiber with RFID technology

    Diameter of the beam output

     Variable depending on the accessory

    Numerical Aperture


    Safety Rating

    Beam Guidance
    • Power supply < 5mW
    • Visibile red laser diode 635nm
    • Selectable intensity levels
    • Safety Rating 3R

    Power supply

    110/230 V - 50/60 Hz

    Maximum Power Absorption



    Peltier cooling


    43 x 40 x 39 (cm)


    15 kg


    CE 0476

    In compliance with


    CEI EN 60601-2-22

    CEI EN 60825-1

    CEI EN 60601-1-2

    CEI EN 60601-1

  • slideshow Video

    Courtesy of F. Zini MD

    Spectrum® DualBoost® - Telangectasia transdermally treated with Spectrum® Dual Boost® 

    Courtesy of A. Crippa MD

  • card_travel Marketing Material

    The communication in our company is a fundamental element which permits us to transmit the information both to doctors, who are our direct clients, and to patients, who decide do to a laser treatment.

    The satisfaction of the patients is the satisfaction of the experts and therefore our as well!

    In close collaboration with our medical staff, we have realized depliants for laser treatments for patients, and marketing tools for the medical practice for promoting his activity

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Doctor Testimonials

They say about us...

It is 15 years that I use successfully vascular transdermal lasers of different wavelengths. Almost 10 years ago I started to experiment new optical fibers for the treatment of the lower limbs spider veins, which has totally revolutionized my medical practice in the field of chronic venous disease.

Angelo Crippa MD, Lecco, Italy

I use with enthusiasm Eufoton vascular works from 2003. For me the endovascular laser has become a consolidated practice in the treatment of venous insufficiency. Moreover, I practice regularly the use of the transdermal and endoperivenous laser in the aesthetic treatment of teleangectasias and reticular veins.

Francesco Zini MD, Parma, Italia
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