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I can only say good things about LASEmaR® 1500: very useful for removing fillers material, especially at the facial level, and in lipolysis. In definitive it is useful, versatile, easy to use and provides results with high satisfaction of patients.

Jose María Picó Alvarez MD, Málaga, España

It is 15 years that I use successfully vascular transdermal lasers of different wavelengths. Almost 10 years ago I started to experiment new optical fibers for the treatment of the lower limbs spider veins, which has totally revolutionized my medical practice in the field of chronic venous disease.

Angelo Crippa MD, Lecco, Italy

I deal with laser therapy from 1979, dealing with applications which are not recorded by the majority of the traditional users. I have a great satisfaction using several diode laser wavelengths for the following effects: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative on different tissues.

Leonardo Longo MD, Florence, Italy

It is almost 5 years that I practice Endolift® treatment for the lifting of the face and of the neck. I consider it a safe and efficient procedure, as the fiber guarantees a minimal trauma and a maximum efficiency in reaching the hypodermis for permitting its remodeling. Moreover, I highly recommend 1470 nm wavelength for the fractional skin rejuvenation.

Antonino Araco MD, Milan, Italy

Ladylift® treatment is effective in improving the GSM symptoms in non-ablative mode, as evidenced by pathologists, would also be due to the larger spot size and deeper penetration than typical ablative lasers.

Danilo Dodero MD, Genoa, Italy

I am pleased to have used Eufoton® laser for the first time in 2005 and to have established through the years a deep friendship with Dr. Francesco Marangoni and all his staff, sharing each year great experiences and satisfactions all over the world.

Roberto Dell’Avanzato MD, Bergamo, Italy

I use with enthusiasm Eufoton® vascular works from 2003. For me the endovascular laser has become a consolidated practice in the treatment of venous insufficiency. Moreover, I practice regularly the use of the transdermal and endoperivenous laser in the aesthetic treatment of teleangectasias and reticular veins.

Francesco Zini MD, Parma, Italia