Endolift® treatment mandibular border | Coutesy of Roberto Dell'Avanzato MD
Endolift® treatment abdomen | Courtesy of Roberto Dell'AvanzatoMD
Endolift® treatment knee | Courtesy of Roberto Dell'Avanzato MD
Endolift® treatment undereye | Courtsey of Daniel Cassuto MD
Endolift® ankle | Courtesy of Riccardo Forte MD
Endolift® treatment hips | Courtesy of Riccardo Forte MD Domenico Romano MD
Fractional resurfacing | Courtesy of F. Tantussi MD
LAser Hair removal Chin | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Center Aura
Laser hair removal armpit | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Center Aura
Laser Hair removal - bikini area | Courtesy of V. Bossi Centar Aura
Laser Hair removal upper lip | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Center Aura
Laser Hair Removal back thigh | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Centar Aura
Photobiomodulation of white stretch marks - Courtesy of O. Marangoni, MD
Stretch marks - Courtesy of A. Agolzer, MD
Superficial Wrinkles - Courtesy of O. Marangoni, MD

The modern so-called EBD (Energy Based Devices) instruments that take advantage of light mechanisms can be widely used in the field of cosmetology: in skin rejuvenation and remodelling, treating stretch marks, and in the treatment of hypertrichosis and hirsutism (hair removal).
Eufoton® offers several solutions to slow down and treat the signs of skin ageing.
Skin ageing is represented by the loss of brightness and elasticity and is accompanied by the appearance of superficial, medium and deep wrinkles. These are due to the progressive and physiological degeneration of the collagen-elastin structure and the thinning of the extracellular matrix and the three-dimensional vascular network.
The name Eu Foton (from Greek meaning beneficial light refers to the philosophy of emitting light sources, which, once duly modulated, can:
  • rejuvenate
  • tone
  • smooth


Interstitial minimally invasive ambulatory laser treatment that involves deep tissue stimulation and microlipolis localization using a disposable device composed of an micro optical fiber (FTF System).

It can be performed without anaesthesia and the purpose of the treatment is to create a lattice retraction pattern that facilitates collagen restructuring and the simultaneous reduction of the fat mass.

The treatment is reserved for the lower middle third of the face (bumps, double chin and jaw line), but also in body areas where there is a laxity and/or micro adiposity problem.

The results are immediately visible and improve up to six months after the treatment.

Annual follow-up visits are foreseen.


Citolift - Italian patent

Mediated by Cytoregenerating Carrier Molecoles (CCM) biomodulates and normalizes the mitochondrial cytochrome activity and apoptotic photoactivation, mediated by ROS (reactive oxygen species) and peroxides, and cytoplasmic cleansing by removing the senescent organellae, thereby stimulating ATP production with regenerative metabolic increase of type I and type IV collagen and elastin.



Non-ablative fractional rejuvenation with LightScan™


Laser hair removal  with  Spectrum® HR - Evermoove® 


Doctor Testimonials

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It is 15 years that I use successfully vascular transdermal lasers of different wavelengths. Almost 10 years ago I started to experiment new optical fibers for the treatment of the lower limbs spider veins, which has totally revolutionized my medical practice in the field of chronic venous disease.

Angelo Crippa MD, Lecco, Italy
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