Fractional rejuvenation

Fractional photothermolysis is a method that, by combining the laser energy with a fractional scanner, creates tiny channels (M.T.Z. Micro Thermal Zones) at various depths in the skin, spaced around areas of healthy skin not affected by the laser beam.
Why choose the non-ablative method?
The effects of a non-ablative resurfacing laser on collagen are not immediate, but require the necessary time (about 3 weeks) for new collagen to form. Therefore if a fractional technique is used, more sessions will be required to get a visible result.
Nevertheless, fractional lasers and non-ablative technology have evolved and have spread considerably because the side effects are minimal, pain is greatly reduced and there is no interruption in daily activities between one session and the next. The diameter of the M.T.Z. spot is only 200 microns and the tissue repair process (coming from adjacent intact areas) is very fast and uses a maximum pixel density of 30%.
In addition to wrinkles, it can also be used with excellent results on acne-induced scarring, pigmented lesions from sun exposure, senile lesions, melasma, scars, stretch marks and the shrinking of pores.

Antiaging – facial fractional non ablative treatment

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    The EUFOTON instruments indicated for this type of treatment are:
    • LASEmaR® 500 combined with a fractional selective photothermolysis scanner (LIGHTSCAN), removes pigmentations and microectasias with significant improvements in the epidermal tissue.
    • LASEmaR® 800 allows both procedures: photobiomodulation and skin remodelling with skin regeneration in the different stages of photochrome ageing.
    • ATON combined with LIGHTSCAN technology is particularly indicated for deep wrinkles, scars, pigmented and senile lesions, acne scars, firming, shrinking of pores.
    • LASEmaR® 1500: combined with LIGHTSCAN technology is particularly indicated for deep wrinkles, scars, pigmented and senile lesions, acne scars, firming, shrinking of pores.

    Citolift - Italian patent

    Mediated by Cytoregenerating Carrier Molecoles (CCM) biomodulates and normalizes the mitochondrial cytochrome activity and apoptotic photoactivation, mediated by ROS (reactive oxygen species) and peroxides, and cytoplasmic cleansing by removing the senescent organellae, thereby stimulating ATP production with regenerative metabolic increase of type I and type IV collagen and elastin.


    Interstitial minimally invasive ambulatory laser treatment that involves deep tissue stimulation and microlipolis localization using a disposable device composed of an micro optical fiber (FTF System).
    It can be performed without anaesthesia and the purpose of the treatment is to create a lattice retraction pattern that facilitates collagen restructuring and the simultaneous reduction of the fat mass.
    The treatment is reserved for the lower middle third of the face (bumps, double chin and jaw line), but also in body areas where there is a laxity and/or micro adiposity problem.
    The results are immediately visible and improve up to six months after the treatment.
    Annual follow-up visits are foreseen.

    Endolift treatment

    Endolift treatment

    Endolift treatment

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