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Laser Hair removal upper lip | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Center Aura
Laser hair removal armpit | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Center Aura
LAser Hair removal Chin | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Center Aura
Epilazione laser inguine - Gentile concessione di V. Bossi Center Aura
Laser Hair Removal back thigh | Courtesy of V. Bossi - Centar Aura
Laser hai removal - bikini area | COurtesy of V. Bossi Centar Aura
Laser Hair removal - bikini area | Courtesy of V. Bossi Centar Aura

Eufoton® offers two devices for the laser hair removal: Spectrum®  and LASEmaR® 800.

Spectrum® - the latest high-power diode laser for hair removal 

Thanks to its 808 nm wavelength, Spectrum® is a new and effective standard since 808 nm has become global synonymous for a safe, progressive and permanent hair removal. Its high power combined with the generous spot dimensions makes Spectrum® effective even on deeper hair follicles.
Even using higher fluencies, the treatment is still delicate and has a very low hyperthermic risk with only mild discomfort for patients. The 808 nm diode radiation efficiently penetrates the superficial and deep skin layers by selectively absorbing the melanin pigment in the hair follicles. Follicular melanin absorption transforms the 808 nm light energy into selective heat, damaging the surrounding germinal papillae, responsible for regrowth. To do this, the wavelength must penetrate a few millimetres to reach the deep follicles.
The greater the thickness, numerical density and concentration of the melanin, the greater is the heat created in the perifollicular area. This effect leads to a drastic reduction in the numerical density and a progressive delay in the anagen phase of hair growth cycle. To minimize patient discomfort, the 808 nm Spectrum®  laser is equipped with a powul skin cooling system that makes the treatment much more pleasant even for the most delicate patients.

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    The 808 nm wavelength for the Spectrum®  was chosen because of its high absorption of eumelanin and very low absorption of water (which makes up 65% of the skin). To make the treatments faster, the Spectrum®  has a special new EVER MOOVE® mode for larger areas, dramatically reducing the laser pulse perception and making it ideal for even the most sensitive patients. Thanks to Spectrum®  EVER MOOVE® mode, side effects such as swelling and redness are very rare.
    It is scientifically known and has been demonstrated in the literature for years that numerous treatments are required at intervals from 4 to 8 weeks, since hair grows at the same rate in their three different development phases and melanin varies according to the growth phase. The number of sessions therefore varies for each person based on the type of hair, phototype, genetic and hormonal predisposition

    What are the advantages of Spectrum® ?

    • Safer
    • Simple, painless and fast
    • Easy to transport by means of the convenient trolley
    • Combines skin regeneration with hair reduction
    • No side effects
    • Suitable for all types of hair and up to phototype IV
    • No consumable materials needed
    • Long-lasting emission system

    At its operating wavelength, which is absorbed well by melanin but not water, selective photothermolysis of the hair follicles occurs, eliminating the risk of damage to the perifollicular tissue.

    Spectrum® 808 nm high power diode laser for progressively permanent hair removal.


    LASEmaR® 800 | Photodynamic hair removal

    Traditional hair removal selective photothermolysis only removes black or brown melanin’s hair. Light or blond or vellus hair that cannot be treated with selective photothermolysis are eliminated by "colouring" the hair follicles with "exogenous chromophores". The result is a photodynamic therapy on hair follicles of any color.
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     Hair Removal -  LASEmaR® 800

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