Laser vaporization or resection with histological examination?
The easy replacement of the transdermal handpiece with the fiber optic contact surgical handpiece gives the Eufoton diode lasers an excellent cutting-clotting capacity that is indispensable in the surgical excision of skin lesions for histological exams.
The complete set of non-contact handpieces allow the surgeon to vaporize surface lesions while the contact handpieces can be used to perform a resection of any dubious or suspected lesions.
In the field of dermatology, LASEmaR® 500, LASEmaR® 800, LASEmaR® 1500, ATON and SPECTRUM® are the EUFOTON instruments that are used to resolve the most common dermatological diseases.
Xantellasma - Courtesy of L. Scrimali Md
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    LASEmaR® 500

    The high potency, extensive absorption and extreme superficial action of its wavelength (532 nm) make it ideal for treating all the superficial pigmented lesions

    Skin Lesions

    Cutaneous warts, flat warts, keratosis, inflammatory acne (due to the selectivity on porphyrins with fractional scanning LIGHTSCAN), and dermatological surface surgery (vaporization without anaesthesia of all benign skin lesions and acne scars).
    Pigmented Lesions
    Freckles, dermatosis, cafè au lait stains, papulosis nigra, hyperkeratotic lesions, poikiloderma of civatte, photoaging (LIGHTSCAN fractionation system).

    LASEmaR® 800

    The photocoagulating property of the 808 nm wavelength is used in the field of dermosurgery due to its selective absorption by haemoglobin-melanin chromophores and is therefore excellent for skin and mucous membrane lesions.

    Skin Lesions

    The preventive iatrogenic staining with exogenous chromophores increases the absorption of LASEmaR® 800 also for normohypochromic dermo-mucosal lesions (warts, condylomas, fibromas, statomas, papillomas, polyps, pyogenic granulomas, leukoplakias, etc.) thus enhancing its ablative precision with the advantage of removing just the stained areas and significantly reducing (up to 2/3) the energies used without staining.
    The advantage of artificial staining associated with the appropriate impulse and the compliance with the thermal relaxation time (TRT) eliminates the risk of accidental damage to the healthy surrounding areas, due to accidental movements of the operators or patients, especially when used in children. Thanks to the interconnection of the surgical optical fibres, the advantage of replacing the focused handpieces gives the LASEmaR® 800 a very good cutting-clotting effect, which is essential for surgical excisions of lesions to be sent for histological exams.
    Its use is limited to the anatomical regions around the eyes and to the large surface vessels of the neck and head.

    LASEmaR® 1500, Aton, LASEmaR® 2000, and Spectrum®

    Wavelengths in the near infrared spectrum that are most active on water (1470 nm and 1940 nm) can be successfully used in dermosurgery if sent through optical microfibers guided through dedicated surgical handpieces. The applications include vaporization, cutting and clotting.

    Treatment of Sebaceous Cyst - LASEmaR® 800

    Treatment of rhinophyma - LASEmaR® 800

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