Gynaecological surgery

The main indications for diode lasers in gynaecological surgery include:

  • LAPAROSCOPY: salpingectomy, myomectomy, endometriosis, ovarian and peri-tubal adhesions.
  • HYSTEROSCOPY: endometrial ablation, division of the septum, intrauterine lysis adhesions, coagulation and excision of fibromas
  • GYNECOLOGICAL SKIN LESIONS: condylomas, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, non-ablative labiaplasty etc.

Other treatments include:

  • Pathologies associated with post-partum alterations;
  • HPV;
  • Cysts.


Treatment  of condylomas with LASEmaR®1500 | Courtesy of M. Angelucci MD and D.Dodero


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