High power Laser Therapy

Eufoton® high power diode lasers have been used alongside well-established therapies for years, such as magnetotherapy, pressotherapy and tecar therapy, due to the shorter treatment time and the great effectiveness.
The therapeutic effect of laser therapy depends on the energy dose ( expressed in Joules/are of the affected tissue) and it is related to a number of individual physical and clinical factors, such as:
  • wavelength, fluency, type of emission, focal distance, handpiece diameter, time, interval between sessions, number of procedures;
  • skin phototype, site, nature, dimension, onset of the disease.
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    The therapeutic effects of the lasers have been recognized since the '80 and can be summarized as follows:
    • METABOLIC - BIOSTIMULANT effect: Mitochondrial activation (from ADP to ATP) and increased cell energy;
    • ANTIPHLOGISTIC effect: Stimulation of the leukocyte phagocytosis with absorption of phlogistic processes;
    • ANALGESIC effect: Prostaglandin inhibition and endorphin stimulation via neuroreceptors;
    • WOUND HEALING effect: Improved fibroblast activity and collagen synthesis with functional and aesthetic improvement of scars;
    • ANTIEDEMA effect: Dilation of lymphatic vessels with improved lymphatic drainage at the macromolecular level;
    • VASCULARIZING effect: Dilation of capillaries, venules and sphincters, with improved blood circulation and endothelial activity.
    Since laser energy acts at the mitochondrial level (see the Photobiomodulationsection), this has an analgesic effect by increasing the threshold of pain while also providing with anti-inflammatory action.

    Analgesic Effect

    Laser light is applied to specific receptor sites, already described in acupuncture techniques. The analgesic effect is due to the infra-red radiation of the diode laser (N.IR. Near Infrared optical window) acting on the extracellular matrix of the inflamed area, thus modifying intracellular communication (biophotons). The infra-red laser stimulates the production of endorphins: as a result, both the pain threshold and the analgesic effect increase.
    Analgesia is a swift process: the patient experiences instantaneous pain relief and can immediately resume daily activities. It lasts about two days after which another treatment is needed.

    Antiedema effect

    By enhancing the microcirculation and improving lymphatic drainage, laser light has lynmphodraining effects and can improve the quality of life of an injured patient. It has been shown that laser radiation on a surgically treated area lowers the CRP (C-reactive protein) levels, which is a sign of reduced inflammation.

    Antiphlogistic Effect

    The antiphlogistic and analgesic effects occur simultaneously, but the antiphlogistic effect gets stronger after each treatment session. This leads to a quicker and complete recovery compared to other pharmacological therapies and/or other electromedical equipment.

    Instrument advantages

    Thanks to its speed of delivery the duration of each treatment session with Eufoton® high-power lasers is shorter for both the patient and the physician.
    Each treatment lasts only for a few minutes and can be performed on a daily basis or even twice a day, in acute cases.


    Most common pathologies that can be treated with Eufoton® diode power laser include traumas, joint, muscle, tendon and nerve inflammation–degeneration, and ulcers.
    • Traumas

    Traumatic or post-surgery haematomas, Phlebitis , Sciatica, Epicondylitis, Hip arthrosis, Torticollis, Cervical pains, Lower back pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , Temporomandibular joint pain , Bruises, Muscle pulls , Muscle strains, Muscle tears, Sprains.

    • Inflammation – degeneration of joints, muscles, tendons and nerves:

    Arthritis, Small and large joint arthrosis, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Peri-arthritis, Myositis, Neuritis.

    • Ulcers:

    Decubitus ulcers, Phlebostatic ulcers, Arteriopathy-related ulcers, Diabetic ulcers.


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