Treatment of lower limbs
Ulcers Treatment - Courtesy of O. Marangoni, MD
Curiosity and passion for research have always been a fertile ground for the advancement to share among all the users of our equipment and advocates of the laser use in general, through training courses which provide knowledge and "tricks of the trade" allowing better performances, higher safety, effective and stable results in time.
Eufoton® takes constantly part in numerous international congresses where it tries to bring new knowledge, practice and experience for the development of new procedures aiming at the improvement in the quality of minimally invasive assisted medical laser procedures.
Eufoton®, from 1999, thanks to the fundamental contribution of the dear departed Ovidio Marangoni MD, proposes technology and coherence at the service of phlebologists through laser mini invasive procedures which combine:
  • simplicity of execution
  • comfort for the patient (immediate mobilization, absence of hemorrhage and scars, working and social continuity)
  • excellent and permanent results
The state-of the art know-how, the use of consolidated investigational protocols and a growing number of users make EUFOTON one of leading companies in the following vascular laser fields:
  1. Endovascular laser treatment of the saphenous vein
  2. Endovascular laser treatment of the small veins
  3. Laser treatment of ulcers
  4. Laser transdermal treatment of teleangiectasias (capillaries, venulectasias and phlebectasias).
In phlebologic vascular field are used the following devices: LASEmaR® 1500 (1470 nm), LASEmaR® 2000 (1940 nm), LASEmaR® 800 (808 nm), LASEmaR® 940 (940 nm), LASEmaR® 500 (532 nm) and the platform SPECTRUM® including different wavelengths.



Doctor Testimonials

They say about us...

It is easy for a beginner to learn how to operate LASEmaR® 1500 for vein ablation. We like to use LASEmaR® 1500 because it is fit for outpatient surgery. It makes the treatment convenient and effective.

Prof. Jiang Jinsong MD, China

I use with enthusiasm Eufoton® vascular works from 2003. For me the endovascular laser has become a consolidated practice in the treatment of venous insufficiency. Moreover, I practice regularly the use of the transdermal and endoperivenous laser in the aesthetic treatment of teleangectasias and reticular veins.

Francesco Zini MD, Parma, Italia
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