The new patented transdermal dual treatment: Dual Boost®

With the innovative and patented Dual Boost® technology, Spectrum® allows to treat transdermally vascular lesions - telangectasias - in a much more efficient way than the traditional use of a single wavelength.

Dual Boost® permits the combined use of the green light 532 nm, more selective for the oxy-hemoglobin, and the N.IR. 940 nm, mainly absorbed by the methemoglobin. The two wavelengths are delivered simultaneously and sequentially in the same handpiece, generating a much more selective photothermolysis.

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    Foot Telangectasia - A. Crippa, MD
    Leg Telangectasia - L. Tessari, MD
    Leg telangectasia - A. Crippa, MD

    The sequential emission with Spectrum® and Dual Boost® treatment provides the common action of the visible green 532 nm  wavelength associated with the infrared 940 nm wavelength.
    The first part of the visible pulse rises the temperature in the vessel, converting oxy-hemoglobin into methemoglobin increasing the absorption of the second part of the pulse by 500%.
    The visible 940 nm wavelength allows to obtain a complete coagulation and therefore occlusion of the entire vessel, leaving unharmed the surronding tissue (cutaneous annexes).

    When the infrared light hits the target vessel, it enables the use of inferior fluences with subsequent higher safety for the patient, reducing considerably the risk of complications such as redness, pigmentations or burn. Less side effects means that the patient can go back to everyday activities immediately.

    Thanks to the higher selectivity, the results obtained are better that those brought with the use of a single wavelength.
    With the patented technology Dual Boost®, Spectrum® brings maximum results in the removal of vascular blemishes in less time than single wavelength systems.
    With the new technology, physicians can provide to their patients better comfort, safety and satisfaction.


    Courtesy of M. Dalcanton MD

    Courtesy of A. Crippa MD - extracted from ELEA 2018 course


    Courtesy of F. Zini MD


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