Endovascular treatments for small veins

Endoperivenous treatment with LASEmaR® 800 

The Endoperivenous treatment FLEBOLASER solves the venous disease of the tortuous varicose troncs, reticular varicose vein, perforating veins and vascular malformations, thanks to the maximum selectivity of the beam, which avoids thermal damages to the surrounding tissues. 

The phototermolotical selective effect, working with diode wavelength 808nm vaporizes: 

  • the “endoluminal” hemoglobin and those contained in “vasa venarum” or “vasa vasorum”
  • the “myoglobin” of the parietal muscle tonka.

The immediate result is a thermal endothelium and a damage of the myoglobin muscle component, associated to the wrinkling of the collagen.
The long term result is the complete disappearance of the vessel. 

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    For the treatment of the reticular veins with the diode laser 808nm (LASEmaR® 800), the endoperivenous method considers the use of particular affordable optical single use fibers FTF System. They permit to the health worker to save time and money, offering the warranty and the security of a completely outpatient treatment in an always sterile field.


    • Simplicity and repeatability of execution
    • local or cryogenic anesthesia
    • No limit of vessels to treat in just one session
    • Mini-invasive
    • Immediate mobilization
    • No hemorrhage and scars
    • Social and working continuity
    • No postoperative pain
    • Remarkable appreciation by patients
    • Good and permanent results in 99% of the cases (based on a follow up major than 10 years)

    Reticular Veins Treatment- LASEmaR® 800

    Reticular and Teleangectasias

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