Initially, the diode laser in the otolaryngological field was not very highly valued in its first version with sources that did not exceed 800 nm, which produced more heat and were less hemostatic. With the recent advent of wavelengths above 900 nm with specific selectivity on haemoglobin and water, excellent vaporization and high precision cutting/coagulation is ensured.
In ENT, the laser beam is transmitted on the surgical field in two ways depending on the type of application:
  • No contact, with photothermolytic selectivity on the hyperchromic tissues preserving the surrounding healthy tissue;
  • Conact, through flexible optical fibers with a size between 200 and 600 microns. This feature can also be used in an endoscopic environment, regardless of the type of endoscope used.


Courtesy of Dr Alessandro Varini | Cordectomy II-III laser treatment




LASEmaR® 1000 | ENT Turbinates Laser Treatment 


LASEmaR® 1000 | ENT Tonsillectomy 


LASEmaR® 1000 |   ENT Nasal Angioma 


Surgery - Tongue Carcinoma

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    Applications ENT

    • External auditory canal: Melanocytic nevus, General neoformations, Tympanolysis, Stapedectomy (otosclerosis);
    • Outer ear: Otoplasty, Keloids;
    • Oral cavity:  Hemiglossectomy for excision from tongue body (robotic surgery), Labiogingival neoformations, Gingival fibroma, Tonsillectomy, Uvulopalatoplasty, Fibrosarcoma of the larynx and hypopharynx, Neoformations in the epiglottis, Laryngeal diaphragms,Tracheal peristomal granulations, Tracheal granulations, Benign and malignant neoformations of the nose and outer ear, Functional surgery of the turbinate bones, Hypertrophy of the turbinate bones, Nasal polyps, Ear canal membrane diaphragms, Cordectomies, Roncopathies (remodelling of the nasal muscular tissue to stop snoring, performed under local anaesthesia), Chronic sinusitis.
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