The Eufoton® diode lasers, specifically those operating at a wavelength of 980 nm - LASEmaR® 1000 -conveyed through the optic fibers, are used in exisions and in the interstitial ablation of tumours, vascular coagulation, opening of obstructed arteries, denaturing of glomus bodies and the spongy nuclei of Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression PLDD. In addition, it can also be used on spinal lesions, neuropathies and elegies.

Brain tumors

The application of diode lasers transmitted through optical microfibers for the removal of brain tumours is of particular interest. The main advantage of this minimally invasive surgery is the strong coagulation ability in treating highly vascularized malignancies (meningiomas), thus providing rapid patient recovery time.
The ideal wavelenght for the above -mentioned indication appears to be the 1940 nm.
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