Oncological surgery

Laser thermal ablation is an effective therapy when traditional pharmacological and surgical treatments can present clear clinical-operational limits and risks for the patient.
The clinical guidelines, approved and published in the reference journals and supported by very meticulous scientific studies with a high clinical impact, clearly describe the pathologies that can be treated by thermal ablation.
The published studies have demonstrated, with irrefutable data and analyses, how well thermal ablation method is tolerated and how the marginal risks and complications can be easily controlled.
Spectrum® is an innovative and multidisciplinary diode laser, that is easy and safe to use in every different specific application, thanks to its user-friendly software. It can be combined with various devices and optical fibers exactly tailored for every specific application and therapeutic function.
The use of the Spectrum® laser can be easily combined with different surgical techniques such as the traditional ones, video-laparoscopic and percutaneous minimally invasive techniques; a peculiarity which is highly appreciated by its different users.
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    • Head Neck Surgery
      Normal-functional and hyperactive thyroid nodules
      Nodular lymph nodes

    • Breast Surgery
      Breast lumps
    • Thoracic Surgery
      Pulmonary nodules
    • Abdominal Surgery
      Liver and pancreatic nodules
    • Urological Surgery
      Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)
    • Neurosurgery
      Benign meningioma nodules
    • Surgical Endoscopy
      Bronchial tree lesions


    • Minimally invasive method
    • Simple and easy-to-learn method
    • Predictable and well-controlled therapy
    • Well-tolerable therapy and low risk levels
    • Local conscious sedation
    • Short-term hospitalization
    • Minimal cosmetic impact (no scars)
    • No major complications
    • Excellent socio-economic impact
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