ND:YAG 1064 nm lasers are commonly used in bronchial surgery. The latest generation of 1940 nm diode lasers with increased water absorption provide accurate tissue abatement with a small clotting margin, while the 1064nm laser penetrates deeper into the tissue but with less controllable effects.
The 1940nm diode laser used in endo-bronchial surgery provides a superficial, precise and rapid ablation of tissue in the treatment of airway stenosis and obstructions caused by internal tissue growth.
The most common applications in pneumology surgery are:
separation of tracheal stenosis, excision of lung metastases, cuneiform excisions, bronchial digestion, pulmonary emphysema, biopsies, decortications, pleurodesis, coagulation and ablation of endo-bronchial tumours, bronchial stenosis, removal of tracheal and bronchial fistulas.
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