The use of diode lasers in proctology provides excellent cutting/coagulant control by limiting thermal damage to surrounding tissue and reducing post-operative pain.
The application of the diode laser surgery in the field of proctology can be primarily used in treating haemorrhoids with the Hemofiber photocoagulation system as well as the endoscopic photocoagulation of the haemorrhoidal peduncles which cuts off the supply of blood to the haemorrhoid and thus reduces the volume with subsequent fibrosis.
Another source of interest is the occlusion of anal and perianal fistulas where the radial laser emission is superior to electrosurgery.
The diode laser can also be used for dermatological anal and perianal disease - condylomas - by vaporizing and coagulating the lesions. The aspiration of the surgical fumes and the use of protective masks is recommended for this indication.


  • Hemofiber Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Endoscopic photocoagulation of haemorrhoidal peduncles
  • Anal and perianal fistulas
  • Sacrococcigeal fistula (sinus pilonidanilis)
  • Polyps
  • Neoplasms
  • Condylomas
  • Papillomas
  • Anal and perianal dermosurgery



Laser Hemorrhoidectomy with LASEmaR® 1500 | Courtesy of Dr. F. Cantarella


Laser Hemorrhoidectomy with LASEmaR® 1500 | Courtesy of Dr. N. Francioli


Anal Fistula Laser Ablation | Courtesy of Dr. F. Cantarella


Fistula Treatment

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    Hemorroids with the hemofiber system

    Hemofiber is a special laser fiber designed for a double simultaneous emission: both frontal and radial 360° emission from the conical shaped tip at the distal end. This optical shape provides better energy diffusion for a safer ablation, plus the conical tip is designed for easier access and precise coagulation of hemorrhoidal varices.
    Delivered through a dedicated handpiece, it is used in mini-invasive laser therapies for treating abnormal third and fourth degree hemorrhoids with a retractable or fixed prolapse. Using the Hemofiber, tissue destruction and shrinkage is obtained with minimal complications; the fiber also protects the muscles of the anus and the mucosa, restoring its natural anatomical structure.
    The use of the Hemofiber in proctology provides excellent cutting/coagulant control by limiting thermal damage to surrounding tissue and reducing post-operative pain. The main applications in the field of proctology are: Hemorroidectomy, Sacrococcigeal fistula (sinus pilonidanilis).

    Hemofiber advantages | Hemorroids

    • Conical shaped emission tip for easy access to the vessel combined with a second radial emission downstream from the previous one.
    • Double emission: frontal and radial 360°.
    • Luer-lock connector on the fiber to secure the introductory needle to the dedicated surgical handpiece.
    • High-quality material of the fiber allows the laser energy to be reduced and improves the translucency of the red guide beam during the surgery.

    Anal and perianal fistulas with the HF RING FIBER System

    In the treatment of perianal fistulas, the endocavitary laser is used to close the fistula, preserving the sphincter without the need for medications and allows rapid recovery of the daily routine.
    The fields of application include: low, medium and high transphincteric anal fistulas regardless of their location, length and curvature; both single and multiple, as well as with the preventive direct placement of setons or during the “first time” of fistulectomy and, of course, relapses.

    HF RING FIBER Advantages - Fistulas

    • Easy positioning in complex fistulas with the use of an introducer kit
    • Centimetre markings on the fiber for a correct calculation of the laser energy to be delivered in the specific case
    • 360° radial emission for best photoablation performance
    • Maximum respect of the sphincter muscle
    • No excision or splitting
    • Performed in just a few minutes
    • Can be combined with other surgical/therapeutic methods
    • No or minimum dressing
    • Very little pain
    • No need for special hygiene
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