Veterinary Laser Therapy

High power laser therapy on small animals is now a consolidated practice.
It can be used for many different treatments based on area and pathology.
Tissue biostimulation by means of laser light provides:
  • An increase in cell wall permeability;
  • Protein synthesis;
  • An increase in the microcirculation;
  • The proliferation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes;
  • Activation of tissue macrophages.
All these processes help improve the animal’s debilitating conditions.
Pain relief laser therapy in a case of Golden Retriever paw
Photobiostimulation of thraumatic accident wound in cat’s tale
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    • Treatment of tissue inflammations, pain and acceleration of healing processes;
    • Treatment of decubitus ulcers;
    • Treatment of pyotraumatic and acral dermatitis;
    • Treatment of burns and traumatic injuries;
    • Laser treatment is not recommended in case of neoplasia, since there is the risk of biostimulation, even on tumor cells.
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